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AEMEE is governed by up to ten Directors. They meet as often as is necessary, but at least twice in spacer
each calendar year. An AGM will be held annually the first being on the 29th October 2009.

AEMEE Employees

AEMEE employs an Executive Director, Katrina Savo to manage its day-to-day activities and to implement the direction of the Board.


Other key staff will be employed from time to time, as required and AEMEE will also use the services of industry specialists to assist in feasibility studies, planning, managing the start-up and ongoing monitoring of projects.

AEMEE Board of Directors

Mr Derek Flucker (Chairperson)
Managing Director
RBY Projects


Mr Brendon Bishop
Managing Director
First Enterprises

Mr Ron Villaflor
Chief Executive Officer
Eastern Guruma Pty Ltd


Mr John Briggs
General Manager

Intract Indigenous Contractors


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